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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Excuses for Always Typing with Caps Lock on

10. You think little letters are a sign of weakness. (JCC)
9. It turns your life into one big newspaper headline. (Ilsoap)
8. You don't want all the letters in the sentence getting jealous of the first one. (KSUDave)
7. It makes your term paper look longer then it actually is. (, asb)
6. You always thought it would help win you some women, like your acid washed jeans. (Moe )
5. To set the mood while you IM, you like to turn off the lights and type by the light of the Caps Lock LED. (STEVE WEISS, Michelle Wants Dan!, Topher )
4. to spite e. e. commings (ASB, lady lazarus)
3. You have a deep-seated fear of ascii codes 97 thru 122. (Menasaur)
2. You're shiftless. Literally. (jellybelly)
1. When defending the merits of professional wrestling, it's hard not to get excited. (Bean)

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