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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons To Run For President

(submitted by Hotdog Hank)

10. Cable's out. (eric...)
9. Because somebody has to oppose Ralph Nader for the title of "Most Delusional 3rd Party Candidate". (eric...)
8. Your mom told you that you can't live in the basement any more. (KSUDave)
7. It's the only way to make "Must See TV" enforcable by law. (allannero)
6. You want to get the Nader vote. (jumpinjack)
5. Well, your calendar's clear for the next four to eight years. (Jen)
4. Been bored ever since Friends ended. (eric...)
3. You can RUIN your current boss at the Burger Barn where you now work. (Moe Pontiac)
2. You want to be the "Lesser of THREE Evils.' (darthgator. )
1. You can get the Attorney General to fix your parking tickets. (notMe)

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