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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Most Exciting Things About Working for Webster and his Dictionary Company

(submitted by The Outraged DuK)

10. Free band-aids for your paper cuts. Batman ones. (Shamrox)
9. Knowing the perfect correction to their diction and spelling just makes attractive women want you so much. (Buttsey57)
8. Being able to fully define "is" for Bill Clinton (Aletheastrea)
7. Getting to use the schwa key on the keyboard (Lizzie)
6. When Bush takes the flack for the typos you added (willetts)
5. Recieving a free promotional "bootylicious" T-shirt when the word was added (Jody and Kelly)
4. Working on the top-secret ebonics version (scheisster)
3. Taking bribes from the seventh grade kids in the spelling bee to prove that they infact did win last years trophy (Jody Jenkins)
2. Next edition, your friend's picture really will be beside the definition for "stupid." (Mute, :x, notMe)
1. Random spelling checks (SDF II)

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