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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs School is Back in Session

(submitted by Me is a kollege stewdunt)

10. Traffic is backed up and you have not even left your development. (roxybaby2222)
9. Your mom put your homework in front of your xbox because she thought you would see it. (Turbo Time)
8. Walmart replaced their display of snorkeling equipment and beach umbrellas with Trapper Keepers and compasses. (Steve Weiss)
7. Even toilet paper is a back to school sale item. (witness protection program)
6. You've been awake for 5 hours and its only 11 in the morning. (Me are an kollege stewdunt tew!)
5. "Calculus for Dummies" is on the grocery list. (Walrus)
4. Local perverts have shifted from the malls to the high school track during the daytime. (allannero)
3. The coffee house is unusually empty, now that the English and art teachers have returned to work. (TheRob)
2. The mall is empty between the hours of 9AM and 3PM. (darthgator )
1. The only people wearing bikinis at the public pool are grandmothers. (naynay)

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