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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Benefits of Pessimism

(submitted by Kate)

10. Doesn't matter what I submit, your not gonna pick it anyway. (Menasaur)
9. well...when he list is later than you aren't disappointed, because really, you expected it to be late. (keitho likes cheese)
8. There is no downside- you're either right or you are pleasantly surprised. (lefty)
7. When you aim for the absolute bottom, anything higher is looking up! (mikieb)
6. Defeat, loss, unfilled goals, and unlucky events are all close friends that you can leverage for support! (Checkers)
5. Nothing ever goes worse than you expect, and when it does - you saw it coming. (Deeeva)
4. The chicks dig it. (Eman)
3. "Bah! Benefits are highly overrated!" (Deimodius)
2. If the glass really is half full, you're less likely to spill it. (flute fancy)
1. When you spill your glass you don't get very wet. (Walrus)

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