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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Fun Things to Do During Your Driver's Test

(submitted by Rabid Phan)

10. Rate your instructor. (Walrus)
9. Rock out to the hip tunes of NPR. (erik)
8. Pull out a braille map just before starting the car. (fun ak)
7. As you drive mumble commentary as if your car is driving the Indy 500, "Oh my god they're heading into turn four too fast." (SDF II)
6. Ask if they can make the test quick, 'cause you need to get your license plates back on the owner's car. (No dear I didn't)
5. Play punch-Bug with the DMV examiner. (jep)
4. Use your cell phone to report yourself as a suspicious driver. (Maniac Bob)
3. Use a hearse as the test vehicle. Ask if the "guy in the back" is considered a '"passenger." (That's a Fact)
2. Keep asking the instructer if he notices that car following you. (mightymouth)
1. Acknowledge every instruction with "10-4, Rubber Duckie." (Maniac Bob)

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