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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Advantages of Living in a Co-ed Dorm

(submitted by thegreatmoleman2.0)

10. All that pesky too much TP problem in all the male dorms is taken care of. (Buttsey57)
9. Nice flowery smell from the girls' rooms will counteract the sweaty underwear smell from the guys' rooms. (Mute)
8. There are plenty of guys around to kill bugs. (The Baker)
7. Always a chance at scoring last-minute date for a formal. (rorschak)
6. The toilet seat is down 1/2 of the time. (Norm Shelton)
5. There's bound to be someone in the building who knows how to do laundry. (Mute)
4. Always a warm toilet seat, anytime of the day or night. (thegreatmoleman2.0)
3. Knowing when that cute neighbor of yours is going to be walking to the shower wearing just a towel. (odd how we keep meeting like this...)
2. You don't have to leave the building to get rejected for dates. (Mute)
1. The Walk of Shame isn't that far anymore. (Darthgator)

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