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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Not to Exercise

(submitted by Fred)

10. Four Words: "No Pain, No Pain!" (Bismarck's baseball Bob)
9. Did you see the leaps and bounds they're making for plus-size fashion? (thin is no longer in)
8. You will kill millions of poor, defenseless fat cells! (Harramatt)
7. Clearing the running machine of all your miscellaneous papers and dead houseplants would be too much of a workout in itself. (allismarie)
6. By putting on the pounds you might be able to achieve that Pavarotti voice. (Naska the Zoki-Howler)
5. A nice round stomach blocks that rather embarassing short-coming from view. (Topher)
4. When we excersice, we heat up. And we dont want more global warming do we? (ChocoDave)
3. Nothing says "available" better than a beer gut. (The Masked Man)
2. You need to conserve energy in case you need to run away from danger. (fun ak)
1. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Not exercising doesn't kill you; therefore, not exercising makes you stronger. (Libalicious)

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