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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons to Date a Surrealist

(submitted by Rodney's Posse)

10. Being able to bathe with her, a giraffe, and an orange bicycle (Steve Weiss)
9. You want to go out on a Dali basis. (Aaron Hirshberg)
8. Your dream date would no longer be considered creepy, but inspirational. (Aletheastrea)
7. He's the only one who wouldn't notice that birth defect that put both eyes on one side of your face. (The Great Janitor Yggdrasil)
6. Surreality TV is the next big thing. (notMe)
5. Pro: She won't leave you for another man. Con: She *will* leave you for a ten-foot tall purple giraffe with polka dots named Allison. (viddy)
4. Who doesn't enjoy love poems containing references to "furious kidneys?" (stupid fat hobbit)
3. A surrealist will never see some body parts in their true proportions. (vandy)
2. It's Valentine's Day. You forgot and need a gift quick. The only thing in your fridge is a raw fish. No problem! (el_jefe)
1. Clarity: A rose may go by many names, but a bouquet of toothbrushes has only one. (JLM2myTLA)

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