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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're an Adult

(submitted by pezgirl247)

10. You no longer WANT ice cream for breakfast. Even though you are allowed. (LittleJohnT)
9. You find that you're annoyed by all those"punks"that block the walmart parking lot on friday nights. (mightymouth)
8. Three things - loss of memory...the other two I forget. (The Gwaga Gmonk)
7. The Music IS too loud and you ARE too freakin' old... (another old fart...)
6. You own a stepladder or a lawnmower. (krayZpaving)
5. You catch yourself saying things like "When I was a kid..." (Asteria)
4. You've somehow changed your dream of following the dead into making middle management. (alpha12 (that's two!))
3. You finally have two towels that match. (fun ak)
2. When you were little, you hated the unjust distribution of power between teenagers and old people. Now, you don't think that unjustness is such a bad thing. (I_can't_believe_it's_not_Sahar)
1. You have 7 or more kinds of insurance. (notMe)

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