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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Enjoy the Muppet Show Just a Little Too Much

(submitted by thegreatmoleman2.0)

10. You actually know which one is Statler and which one is Waldorf. (junkshop coyote)
9. You think John Denver and Barry Manilow are cool... (darthgator)
8. Every sandwich you make has olive eyes, cheese teeth, and tomato tongues. (Bob Clemmons)
7. You know the names of all of Gonzo's chickens. (fun ak)
6. You speak Swedish fluently, or so you think. (Bork, bork, bork!)
5. You cringe if the menu ever has frog legs or pork. (Bob "Hi Ho everyone" Clemmons)
4. To pay homage to all the muppets, you choose to live your like just like theirs. Pantsless. (allannero)
3. You've discovered that you really CAN throw a fish like a boomerang. (Bob "Lou Zealand" Clemmons)
2. You were dissappointed by your girlfriends Leia costume; you were hoping for Miss Piggy. (help007)
1. You consider "A Muppet Treasure Island" a classic, and Stevenson's novel a hopeless rehash because it left out the cabin fever song. (Talking Head)

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