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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Having A Bad Day

(submitted by El_Jefe)

10. When you get out of bed you miss the floor. (heya)
9. The pickup line, "I run an interactive top ten website" just doesn't seem to be working. (SheShootsSheScores)
8. The first thing you hear when you open your eyes is "Toss 'im over the side, Phil, there's plenty more where that came from." (bemused_meerkat)
7. The homeless guy on the corner gives you money. (Fisher King)
6. You wake up at five in the morning and the second you get out the door, you realize it's Saturday. (LeeLee the Talking Turkey Vulture)
5. It's November the 3rd and you hear the word "recount" on the radio 9 times on the way to the campaign headquarters. (Walrus)
4. You're sharing a jail cell with Martha Stewart. (heck yes)
3. You find out that this list already existed in May, 2000. (adzd)
2. The highlight of your day is reading this list. (budbannon)
1. You're wearing a yellow shirt with a black zig zag about halfway down. (erik)

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