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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

John Madden's Top Ten Pet Peeves

(submitted by XLR8R)

10. Tall skinny cross-country runners (erik)
9. When the players refuse to stop the game until he is finished explaining the last play (Hoss)
8. When it's gotta hurt, but it dosen't (Beowulf)
7. People yelling "Boom!" every time he sits down (The Outraged DuK)
6. People's whose jowels challenge the might of his own (DA maNA)
5. People who can't speak concisely, that ramble on too much, those people that go into longwinded stories about things the average viewer would never care about. I remember back when I was coaching the... (DA maNA)
4. When his secretary replaces his computer pen with a permanent marker (Ruffles4Me)
3. The players always move out of those electronic chalk circles he draws for them. (Buttsey57)
2. When the field reporter steals his thunder by stating the obvious before he can (KJ from JMU)
1. Emeril ripping him off with his knock-off "Bam!" (DA maNA)

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