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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things That Still Won't Have Changed In 100 Years

(submitted by The Outraged DuK)

10. On the hottest day of the year someone will STILL say, "Hot enough for ya?". (mightymouth)
9. Southerners will still be pissed at that "War of Northern Agression." (flute fancy)
8. There will still be nothing on TV. (junkshop coyote)
7. The Electoral College still rated the #1 party school by Playboy magazine. (truK)
6. Men still won't put the stupid seat down and women still won't frickin' check before sitting. (BKred)
5. The Cubs are searching for a World Series win. (SDF II)
4. Christian IV and Scottron 9000's Interactive Top Ten List v2.0. (Eagle Flyer)
3. The Red Sox will, uh, ... OOPS, forget it. (Aaron Hirshberg)
2. Instant Oatmeal will still require three steps and and three minutes. (TurboTime)
1. We STILL won't have *@$!& flying cars! (Malvolio)

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