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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard on a Soap Opera Set

(submitted by emmadaexcellent)

10. "Where is all that saxophone music coming from?" (outbackjoey)
9. "Brodie, you're talking crazy. I can't make sense of a WORD you're saying ... You're reading the script? Oh." (The Young and the Breastless)
8. "Stefan... Arabella... Damien... Isn't anybody just named Ed anymore?" (owlfellow)
7. "Has anyone seen my evil twin wig? No, not that one, the other evil twin!" (Thomas Palsson)
6. "You want to write in an alien attack? Are you kidding? That's the stupidest thing ever! ... Besides we, eh, used that last week." (Buttsey57)
5. "Where did the coma victim go?" (Marmot)
4. "When am I supposed to die again? Oh, I'm already dead? Was that before or after the wedding?" (SquallNeo2004)
3. "OK. In this scene, you reveal you're gay, you get mad, cry, threaten your roommate with a knife, announce you have a brain tumor and an eating disorder and you just won the powerball lottery." (soap sud head)
2. "Stunt emoter! Bring in the stunt emoter!" (Opie)
1. "I'm just doing this till I can afford acting school." (JoeMama)

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