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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

The Internet's Top Ten Secrets

(submitted by hotshot_724)

10. All productivity gains realized from the Information Age have been negated by time spent waiting for downloads of naked women. (notMe)
9. All those people you're chatting with aren't real. (Mute)
8. Plans to split it into a no-porn version and an all-porn version were scrapped when focus groups refused to test the no-porn version. (Mute)
7. The single command in HTML that blocks all spam. (rorschak)
6. You can eat the cookies. (MEZMAH)
5. It is all contained in a small box on God's desk. (Bob Clemmons)
4. 404 really can be found. They're just too lazy to go look. (Aletheastrea)
3. There's an internet kill-switch located in the basement of a 7-11 in Tuscon, AZ. (Hey, what's this button do?)
2. Most of the electrons it uses are made by slave labor in China. (Geoduck)
1. Al Gore did invent it, and he's watching you. (KJ from JMU)

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