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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things BNWHUT Could Stand For

(submitted by Olaf)

10. Beware, Never Hunt Witches Under Twilight (Skitch)
9. By Now We Have Utter Turmoil (AHHH!!!)
8. Bums? No...We're Homeless Unemployed Thugs (emmadaexcellent)
7. Blonde Nympho Wants Heavyset Unemployed Texan (Fat and Broke in Houston.)
6. Before Nearing Wedding, He Upchucked Twice (marital status)
5. Been Naked With Her Umpteen Times (Wools)
4. Birds Need Welcoming Homes: United Treehuggers (mpismyhero)
3. Been No Where, Have Ugly T-shirt (Kama)
2. Blonde Not Worth Her Unbelievable Tits (R. Thos Reel)
1. Be Nice, We Haven't Used Toothpaste (Ilsoap)

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