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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Ken Jennings's Top Ten Pet Peeves

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10. The Weird Al Yankovic Song "I Lost On Jeopardy" (Nicole Wagner, Xela Kebert)
9. He has to join TV millionaire club, which includes intellectual weakling Rupert from Survivor. (Bob Clemmons)
8. His family has already told him he can't play in the annual holiday Trivial Persuit game. (RiverCityKid)
7. The UPS guys getting angry at him: "Why didn't you think of US first? Huh? HUH???" (Leaper)
6. People asking if he has ever seen the movie "Quiz Show." (johnny p)
5. He just made $2.5 million, and every last employee of the IRS knows it. (byuguy)
4. Alex reading the day's categories: "I mean like if I can't read, how did I make it this far... Hello?" (Merc2)
3. His wife has started giving clues like, "He's the one who forgot to take out the garbage." (Maniac Bob)
2. People asking him "Did your arm get tired of spinning that wheel?" (jb, Huhln)
1. When H&R Block calls and says, "We hear you need tax advice. We have 40,000 seasonal employees ready to help you with you tax planning." (byuguy)

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