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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Perks of Jury Duty

(submitted by Oops I did it again)

10. Finding out you are the "peer" of a serial killer (uh, I, uh)
9. Trying to sneak in tic tacs just to spite the no food policy of the courtroom (the outraged bron bron)
8. You finally get to use all those legal terms you learned from Grisham novels. (Lizzie)
7. Just like the doctor's office, you get to sit in a room and do nothing for hours on end, but unlike the doctor's office, you don't get billed for it. (junkshop coyote)
6. You are once again allowed to enjoy "recess." (Mickey Finn)
5. You get a closer seat to your favorite NBA star and it's more exciting the the last 4 games. (spoticus)
4. You get to hear some of the greatest minds in forensics, ethics, law, and justice bore you to tears for weeks on end. (erik)
3. Jurist #11 is a hottie, has no restraining order, and isn't allowed to leave your hotel. Time to crank up the charm and let your mojo do it's magic! (al, TheRob)
2. The ability to claim you were part of a "hung" jury (Mickey Finn)
1. It's better than defendant duty. (erik)

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