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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Positive Societal Effects of Video Games

(submitted by RavenBlack)

10. If the world is ever taken over by zombie-demon creatures, nine out of ten people on the planet will know how to kill them. (*****)
9. For 150 bucks you have a babysitter until the kids turn 27. (ESPN)
8. Criminals' improved accuracy means fewer bystanders killed by stray bullets. (BellevueHilltop)
7. Job Training: Research has shown that the dexterity gained from playing video games is the same as you need to flip burgers at the local fast food chain. (spoticus)
6. Kids no longer idolize professional atheletes; their fantasy team could wipe the floor with those schmucks. (stuck in reverse)
5. Thumb strength is waaayyy up. (Marbelesque)
4. The plumbing industry has reported immense growth over the past twenty years. (Estarriol, Marbelesque, darwin, TripleThreatNerd)
3. It gives moms something to protest about. (shebau)
2. People learn responsiblility: If you want a car, you have to go out and steal it yourself. (spoticus)
1. Games are actually training simulators for highly advanced space defense fighters. (The last Starfighter TT)

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