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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are A Second Rate Dictator

(submitted by AckThwap)

10. You pronounce the "p" in "coup." (Magik)
9. Instead of killing your sons as punishment, you just take them off of your speed dial. (Drewpy)
8. Your big plan for world domination came straight out of "The Big Book of World Domination." (Major Tom)
7. Your nickname 'Daisy' doesn't really strike fear in the hearts of anyone but alergy sufferers. (talshadar)
6. Other dictators: Giant stone statues in the middle of the capitol city. You: Bobblehead doll. (The Cruciverbalist)
5. All of the world's other dictators were no-shows at your last two "Dictator's Summit and Barbeque" events. (goatboy)
4. You didn't manage to snag one of the coveted spots on that "Axis of Evil" list. Damn popularity contest! ((Maybe next year.))
3. Instead of smoking cigars you smoke Virginia Slims. (Drewpy)
2. The United States government can't be bothered to support or overthrow you. (Geoduck)
1. Hugh Grant is going to play you in the movie of your life. (English Pete, JLM2vsGodzilla)

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