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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten iPod Accessories

10. The "hey! you're about to run me through the washing machine" alarm (lefty)
9. iGirlfriend (talshadar)
8. iCupHolder (scone, Grr...)
7. Mr. Microphone attachment. If you're going to sing along you may as well be heard by one and all. (Brightlygo)
6. Museum-quality display case for last year's model (ardnax)
5. Battery charger for the battery powered iPod battery charger (Steve Weiss)
4. iPod Decoy: Throw this dispensible iPod look-a-like at any on comming, unwanted nerd to remove all attention from yourself, guarenteed! (Topher)
3. iCredit Card slot (ESPN)
2. iShoes: Download n dance (English Pete)
1. iPod Digital Forehead Banner: Includes 3 messages including, "I can't hear you but this tune ROCKS." (Major Tom)

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