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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Year's Eve Party Faux Pas

10. Claiming that due to extra seconds, missed leap years, and flawed calendars, New Years doesn't happen until 3:08 am (Steve Weiss)
9. counting down in roman numerals, "x, ix, iix, vii, vi, v... damn, i'm out." (wasn't that on an episode of friends?)
8. "10...9...8...oh, I can't wait! Happy birthday!" (Non stop violence)
7. Checking your watch on the hand holding the full champagne glass (silver girl)
6. Attempting to kiss all the women at midnight. (No Dear I didn't)
5. Wasting all of your best pick-up lines, and most of the evening, trying to convince the coat rack to come home with you (Major Tom)
4. Telling all your friends your new year's resolutions for them (Big D)
3. Hosting the party, but forgetting to set your clocks back an hour in October (El Barton)
2. Saving money on your party by buying the clearance 2005 party items for your 2006 party (spoticus)
1. Constantly commenting on how awesome the new 2006 date will look on the penny (Topher)

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