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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Revealed in the Next Harry Potter Book

(submitted by quistis)

10. We find out that Harry is not a wizard, but that he is in fact a depressed, Ritalin-addicted boy in a mental institution who only THINKS there are such things as hippogriffs. (Shamrox)
9. Whomping willow started off as an enchanted switch used to automatically blister Harry's dad's behind for youthful hi-jinks. (VISGOTH)
8. Harry steps out of the shower and reveals that books 3 through 5 were all a dream. (Geoduck)
7. The main hall is actually a fire hazard and the Ministry of Unsafe Dining Halls is going to close it down (English Pete)
6. Nimbus XP - Easier Use, Fewer Crashes (Topher)
5. Fulfilling everyone's suspcions about the book series' geeky followers, Voldemort is revealed to be an anagram for Dolt-mover. (Bob Clemmons)
4. Japanese wizards have developed platform 9 3/4 maglev technology. (VISGOTH)
3. Contrary to Ms. Rowling's assertions, the dead, in fact, do come back to life- in a show-stopping musical number. (The Baker)
2. That lightning bolt on his forehead? Childhood twister injury. (JrsyRose)
1. Voldemort is really Elvis Presley, and he's STILL NOT DEAD.

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