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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Misconceptions about the English Language

(submitted by CHT)

10. It started out as a joke, but then they started making a dictionary. (pig latin)
9. Silent letters are silent. Actually, it's been an on-going April Fools joke for quite some time now. (Light Warrior)
8. Get a PhD in it, and you can get a job. (byuguy)
7. The "q" is the illicit-lovechild of the "g" and the "p" (Major Tom)
6. It was named after the muffin. (Alfredo Garcia)
5. People around the world learn it because it's the language of business and science. Actually, they learn it to impress girls at karaoke bars. (byuguy)
4. It borrowed words from other languages. Actually, it never gave them back. (TheRob, Terry Pratchett)
3. Disobeying grammatic rules will lead to global warming, gridlock, and tooth decay. (lefty)
2. You will hear the Queen's English in Queens. (buttplug)
1. When spoken slowly and louder those foreigners really do understand it. (JimBean, JLM2gutteral-trill)

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