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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Do Instead of Watching Hockey

(submitted by webflyer)

10. Watch college hockey, the AHL, the ECHL... and cry (DA maNA)
9. Watch figure skating and scream "DEFENCE! DEFENCE!!" (Dan)
8. Go to a bar; same number of drunks, fights, and toothless individuals. (Holly Stahl)
7. Watch hockey negotiations. Slower, but much bloodier. (Maniac Bob)
6. Trash talk the figure skaters at the local pond, to see if you can get them to "throw down". (Major Tom)
5. Slam into plexiglass store displays for that "real game" feeling. (8 it the truth)
4. Split a case of Labbats Blue with a friend and then go moose tipping. (AckThwap)
3. Two words -- Zambolition Derby! (Major Tom)
2. Take turns punching your friends and pulling their shirts over their heads. (me)
1. Watch Curling. It's like hockey - but with more brooms and less.. well, everything. (Curler)

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