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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Great Things About Being a Goldfish

(submitted by Michelle Luvs Dan)

10. As a kid, you never had to hear your mother say, "Time to take a bath!" (TamiSue)
9. Having a snack named after you -- How cool is that? (spoticus, spoticus, buttplug, lefty, peppridge farmer)
8. The rent on those little castles is actually pretty darn reasonable. (Major Tom, Ashley, Oops I did it again., GC3)
7. Protected by a quarter inch of imprenatrble glass, you can flip the cat the fin any time you want. (Oops I did it again.)
6. If you get a song stuck in your head, when it's finished once, it'll seem like a whole new one. (Another race)
5. You'll never hear any qusstions about how she looks in anything. (NuT wItH a GuN, Clem Bobbins)
4. Many fewer casualties since the supreme goldfish council unleashed their cracker based goldfish decoy plan on the unsuspecting humans. (Menasaur)
3. You don't have to put up with that "Fetch, Boy, Fetch" crap. (murph)
2. With no pockets, you never have to worry about picking up the tab. (Alfredo Garcia)
1. That ten second memory really comes in handy when you swim home at six in the morning with a piercing in your fin and a "Bring on the Bait" tatoo while the wife waits for an explaination. (who me???)

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