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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Parents Are Trying To Deport You

(submitted by Domino_013)

10. Their "To Do List" reads: 1.) Deport the kid 2.) Pack bags 3.) Move to Hawaii (no name given)
9. You thought you were going to the Bay Area to attend Stanford but for some reason your plane ticket says "Bangladesh." (Katz)
8. You wake up in a wooden crate to the sound of seagulls. (Benz.)
7. Two weeks ago they had the post office start forwarding your mail to a small island off the coast of Greenland. (Major Tom)
6. You just found out your college fund is only redeemable at "Turkmenistan Tech". (DA maNA)
5. There's an over-sized crate in the living room with "Ship to Cuba. DO NOT RETURN" taped to the top and your favorite snack inside. (MouseTrap)
4. They keep asking if you've been brushing up on your "conversational spanish". (webflyer)
3. They keep asking you which continent, "besides North America", is your favorite. (Major Tom)
2. Family vacation to Mexico, and yours is the only one-way ticket. (byuguy)
1. They send you to school wearing a big "DEPORT ME!!!" sign on your back. (BKred)

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