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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten High School Regrets

(submitted by Nina)

10. The one time "The Rock" visited your school, he refused a cagematch challenge from your principal. (Major Tom)
9. Did all those AP courses really do me any good? (lil miss hermione)
8. Parachute pants & skinny leather ties. Need I say more? (Flock o' Pigeons)
7. Eating the bean burrito from Taco Bell before going into the science lab; How was I to know it was combustible? (The Chihuahua)
6. Not being in one of the cool clicks like the A.V. club (Tim [is HOT!])
5. Copying test answers off that "W" kid. (wheels)
4. I should have dated all the girls my wife has accused of being old girlfriends. (doing the time, shoulda done the crime, SHu)
3. Ever coming out of my locker (spoticus)
2. Several minutes of valuable time wasted studying (Katz)
1. That whole love affair with the lunch lady thing (VISGOTH, Mr. P)

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