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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are in a Bad Horror Movie

(submitted by Leaper)

10. When all the electricity goes out, you can't resist going into the basement, with a candle lighting the way, instead of a flashlight! (brightlygo)
9. Your mother? dead. Your Dad? dead. The dog? dead. Oh, but SURE -- that stupid geek from down the street is still around... (Major Tom)
8. You're starting to appreciate that you're a bookish virgin. (em cee tron)
7. Your recently deceased pet dog is reborn as a vampire-zombie demon which eats the brains of clowns and is cursed by an ancient Indian god. (DFU)
6. "Mutant Flesh-Eating Cheerleader Magical Pixie Alien Cyborg Zombie Teenagers from Outer Space" appear to be rapidly becoming largest demographic in your town. (Draco Dei)
5. While in the woods alone with your girlfriend, in a car, your tire bursts. Its dark and raining and you left the spare behind to make room for beer. There's a banging on the roof and blood is dripping. (Talking Head)
4. "Hmm, all of my seven friends is missing in this faraway house formerly occupied by a psychopath. I'll strip down to a tank top and go look for them in the cellar." (Thomas Palsson)
3. when you and your friends are in a big empty house and hear a strange noise, one of them suggests that you all split up to 'investigate'. (rein)
2. The producer got a bulk discount on green goo. (Beowulf)
1. Villager 1: "Let's go search the graveyard!". Villager 2:"No! Let's wait until midnight!" (squeezette lugosi)

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