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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Need To Quit Playing Poker

(submitted by jonestown punchdrinker)

10. You jump out of your chair excitedly when you get a great hand, grin widely when you get a good hand, and cry softly when you don't get anything, but still try to bluff it. (Orlphar)
9. the other players are getting irritated with your constant "go fish". (I love that game)
8. You only have one Kidney Left. (Nicole Wagner at WellsFargo)
7. when your preacher passes the collection plate on Sunday morning you jam a wad of $20's in and proclaim loudly; "I'm all in!!!!!!!!!!" (silent bob)
6. When your wife says "Hey stud", you whip out your deck of cards. (Helix)
5. Your boss offers you a raise and you call. (Helix)
4. When you sit down at the table, the other players high-five each other. (VISGOTH)
3. "Quit? Hah! If Chris Moneymaker can win, so can I, or my name's not Jim Loseeveryhand!" (Leaper)
2. Your new rental lease stipulates you don't have to pay rent if you'll play poker with the landlord each payday. (VISGOTH)
1. You go all in, only to find out that having five cards of the same color, or a "half flush", as you call it, isn't a real hand. (Orlphar)

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