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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Know You're Not Young and Hip

(submitted by Maestroloco)

10. Distance from pants to head: 5cm. (SquallNeo2004)
9. The things you associate with being young and hip went out of fashion, and have now come back. (JLM2old2RockNRoll)
8. You listen to your music as loud as possible. Not because you like it that way, but because its the only way you can hear it. (NFS)
7. People are no longer impressed that you have the entire Monkees library on 8-track.. (webflyer)
6. When you find the new trends in clothes to be both irritating and frightening. (nonnash)
5. You use the term "whippersnapper" in actual conversation. (Ilsoap)
4. You don't like loud noises and you can't hear quiet ones. (Danno)
3. The "L" everyone puts on their for head when you walk in a room does not stand for Wuzzzz Up! (Loser_Move On)
2. Every concert you've been to in the last five years was a 'farewell tour'. (lefty)
1. You think Paris Hilton is a hotel in France. (ESPN)

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