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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard at a Rock-Paper-Scissors Tournament

(submitted by dumb ol' mathgrant)

10. "Oh yeah? My paper is heavy weight, resume paper." (alistu)
9. "So there I was one scissor away from greatness when my finger cramped, and I had a false scissors which disqualified me" (I have no life)
8. "Huh? I thought this was Sign Language as a Martial Art competition." (MT Nester)
7. "Those aren't scissors; they're a peace sign." (Pacifist)
6. "It's One-Two-Three-Shoot; Not One-Two-Shoot!" (Karigan, Strat)
5. "Yo! Jimmy, hes gonna give ya da rock., da rock I tell you's, Give em da paper baby!" (Strat)
4. "He just fell for the old 'Rock-Rock-Rock-Scissors' Gambit. The Fool!" (jk60611)
3. "The Seattle RPS Rangers have improved their tactics slightly since employing Verduras as manager, don't you think?" (Talking Head)
2. "Okay, we have a stick of dynamite versus a shadow puppet of a duck... Crap, I'll have to go get the book on this one." (The Cruciverbalist)
1. "No, Phil, 'The Bird' does NOT trump everything else!" (Thomas Palsson)

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