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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Tax Guy Might Not Be Legit

(submitted by RiverCityKid)

10. For starters, he's doing his calculations on a Speak'n'Spell. (Major Tom)
9. Her "office" is a corner booth at Denny's. (jep)
8. A pizza delivery van has been parked across from his office for two weeks now. (English Pete)
7. She asks you if she has to show her work. (Bloodbond)
6. His long, boastful stories about how he once single-handedly took on an entire platoon of IRS agents (Fluff)
5. He comes highly recommended, no, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, from your uncle Vito. (Thomas Palsson)
4. "And then that's $250 for the Tea Act of 1775..." (truebluetexan)
3. She recommends deducting dates with ugly people as charity. (Steve Weiss)
2. He thinks a 1040 is skateboarding trick. (Toxicgonzo)
1. "When your television breaks, does it ever get fixed without you having to pay for it? No? Then we can put it down as a dependant. What about your fridge?" (Orlphar)

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