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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have Too Many Tattoos

(submitted by Mixo)

10. People are no longer disgusted when you moon them. (Toxicgonzo)
9. When you shaved your eyebrows and pulled out your fingernails because it was the only way to make room for more, you realised you might have problems... (Talking Head)
8. Every where you go, people throw coins! (Danno)
7. Both the Smithsonian and the Metropolitan Museums asked you to participate in their "modern art" exhibitions. As an exhibit. (HappyChicken)
6. You shaved your head to make space for more tattoos. (dhla)
5. When you ran out of black pens for your tax return, you pricked your finger and carried on. (Helix)
4. Sideshow entertainers point at you and snicker. (bluebottle1)
3. Kids ask you which comic book you're from. (JustinA)
2. When you walk in front of graffiti, no one can see you.
1. You've stopped filling in "Caucasian" as your race on forms and now check "Other." (The Baker)

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