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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Look Forward to in 2005

(submitted by XLR8R)

10. Once again you get to promise to quit smoking, start working out, spending more time with your grandparents, and being everything she ever really wanted, only to fail miserably. (darthgator)
9. Finally getting all of my 2003 Halloween candy eaten. (BullFrog )
8. Only 3 years and 10 months till the next election! (Libalicious)
7. Zsxvqie being accepted as an official Scrabble word. (English Pete)
6. Even more email about "mo_r t" and "p re.scr-ip tion dr u g s"... (legnem cram (I hate spam))
5. Incredible savings on 2004 calendars. (Doctor Beaker)
4. Animated talking holographic billboards, electric clothes, discovering aliens, flying cars, flying people and everything else you expected in 2000. (LeeLee the Talking Turkey Vulture)
3. Exciting new grocery products like SPAMONNYAISE, Turbo-Boost Tang, and Crab Bait Lozenges. (BullFrog)
2. To recoup some of your losses from the 'Ostrich Museum & Petting Zoo'. (lefty)
1. CSI: The Musical (maxpappy)

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