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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Not to Travel to a Foreign Country

(submitted by dr.who)

10. All the damn foreigners! (Xenophbe Extraordinaire)
9. If US gasoline prices make your eyes bulge in disbelief, the foreign prices will literally propel them from your sockets. (JDTAY)
8. They always look at you funny when you tell them, "Yeah, I see you got McDonald's finally -- but where's your Burger King, smart guy?" (Major Tom)
7. Your knowledge of foreign languages is limited, and you can't seem to find a "Piglatinia" on the map. (The Cruciverbalist)
6. $8500 for a week in Europe, or a few bucks at Blockbuster to rent the National Lampoons Vacation series. (JDAii)
5. You wear out your vocal chords shouting slowly at people in English. (Geoduck)
4. Current exchange rate: A wad of $100s = a small copper coin featuring a goat. (Geoduck)
3. You've heard a rumour - and this is completely absurd, but you never know - that in some countries they don't speak english. (Thomas Palsson)
2. We got the world's biggest ball of twine right here. (omlaut-m!)
1. The international exchange rates as of late have been unfavorable for tourism. Also, the plague. (The Cruciverbalist)

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