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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Have a Bad Agent

(submitted by AckThwap)

10. After months of tireless negotiations, he was finally able to convince the tour promoter to stop charging you parking fees for the tour bus. (Menasaur)
9. He promised he would get you signed as the Montreal Expos' starting quarterback. (Matt Houser)
8. Your last job paid you in half-eaten sandwiches and he still wanted his 15%. (Major Tom)
7. He keeps trying to sell you on the role of T-Shaped Block in "Tetris: The Movie." (The Cruciverbalist)
6. You're co-starring with Barney. (Expendable)
5. His idea of "increasing your role with the team" is you get to do the laundry. (El Barton)
4. Your agent shows up at auditions to compete with you for roles. (byuguy)
3. You get booked to do a musical version of the Jerry Springer Show. (dethwing)
2. It currently takes twenty-three people to link you to Kevin Bacon. (The Cruciverbalist)
1. You've never even heard of yourself. (Kent)

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