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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Gas Is Just Too Expensive

10. The local gas station went bankrupt because they couldn't afford all the digits for their gas prices sign. (mathgrant)
9. The guy on the corner has a sign that says "will work for super-unleaded". (webflyer)
8. You stopped investing in stocks and started hording premium. (DA maNA)
7. Even the Saudis are carpooling. (webflyer)
6. You start using '38 Chianti to fuel your car instead. (Some Dude)
5. Your '93 Mercury Sable's blue book value is based entirely on how much is in the tank. (DA maNA)
4. Arsonists forced to rely on matches and crumpled up newspaper. (Flame On)
3. The gas station attendant is wearing more 'bling bling' than P.Diddy. (roxybaby2222)
2. Your local gas station now requires you to be "pre-qualified" before they will let you pull up to the pump. (Menasaur)
1. Your idea for a gold-burning combustion engine is finally gaining some interest. (Major Tom)

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