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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Were Given the Wrong Directions

(submitted by Skitch)

10. You drove off the cliff, looked to left as instructed, and did not find the view all that impressive. (notMe)
9. You turn the final right turn at a sign that reads "Welcome to the Neverland Ranch." (erik)
8. There are four guys wearing leopard leotards and leather chaps, holding cattle prods, standing in front of a small shack that is apparently the Smithsonian. (Walrus)
7. Somehow, two rights, a left, three ups and a pancake didn't sound quite right. (Buss)
6. The little girl, lion, and scarecrow walking along the road is a dead give-away. (al)
5. They told you "take a left at the third traffic light, and then close your eyes and count to 100." (Fluff)
4. "Hi, I'm Bob and you've reached a happy place." (EEE)
3. The words "One Way" appear in your rear view mirror. (English Pete)
2. You just passed a sign written entirely in what appears to be a Windings font. (Miiiiiiah)
1. "Those WMDs have to be around here somewhere!" (Asteria (D, PA))

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