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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Learned In High School

(submitted by The Kitten Dutchess)

10. Old chewing gum under the desk is the only thing holding those things together. (bubbleicious)
9. My dog can't "eat my homework" more than once a month and get away with it. (Petless)
8. Sadly, I am not Ferris Bueller. (al)
7. Napoleon is not the same as neopolitan ice cream. (what?)
6. Cafeteria lunch food is more expensive than gas and contains more oil than your car. (Aletheastrea)
5. Independent-study origami aerodynamics is not available for either art or science credit. (Emu)
4. Seasoned nuns can pick off a student with an eraser at well over 120 yards. (Strangeguitar)
3. Memories fade but insecurities last a lifetime. (AckThwap)
2. Be nice to your lunch ladies. They control your bowels for the entire afternoon. (bron bron)
1. I learned that I didn't need to learn every thing that I learned. (theEARWIG)

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