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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lessons We've Learned from Star Wars

(submitted by zoooobs)

10. You can always rely on a debt ridden smuggler and a walking furball when the chips are down. (sageandscholar)
9. Slugs have good taste in women. (spoticus)
8. Whoa, whoa wait a second--anakin skywalker is darth vader??? Get outta town. (in line for III)
7. Three seconds of air time can lead to an action figure, a stuffed animal, a novel, a cartoon, and a cereal. (Steve Weiss)
6. Always listen to the midget with the speech impediment. Dude knows what's going on. (thegreatmoleman2.0)
5. Asthma suffers can be evil villains too. (Kikassbeaver)
4. Never turn your back on an Ewok. (Geoduck)
3. Worker's Comp is for sissies. If your hand falls off, grow another. If you die, put on a plastic suit and keep going. (Maniac Bob)
2. Space ships will travel faster than the speed of light, but on the ground, soldiers will ride around in big mechanical camels. (Aaron Hirshberg)
1. If you are ever offered stormtrooper armor, don't bother. It doesn't work anyway. (Sarah H.)

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