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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Benefits of Living on the Moon

(submitted by xported)

10. Cell phones don't work there. (byuguy)
9. With the reduced gravity, White Men Really Can Jump. (JDAii, TBeeber)
8. It's low on the list of the President's countries to invade. (Walrus)
7. Your address: "1 Moon Drive, The Moon" - how cool is that? (Alfredo Garcia)
6. Visits from Wallace & Gromit (byuguy)
5. You can shatter current loogie-spitting records without resorting to steroids. (Major Tom)
4. Nobody weighs more than 100 pounds. So none of those annoying weight loss commercials. (buttplug)
3. Virtually no chance of encountering Carrot Top. (The Cruciverbalist)
2. Joining the 240,000 mile high club (jumpin jack)
1. You can look down on everyone! (Marmot)

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