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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend's Parents

(submitted by Lady Faire)

10. Move up your annual bath to the day before you meet them. (spoticus, Patch)
9. Hand over inconspiciously not one, but two, coupons for their order of cheesburger and fries. (Second junior vice assistant)
8. Mention that your behavior was so good that you did a ten-year sentence in only three years. (Maniac Bob)
7. Demonstrate your command of the english language and your diaphragm at the same time by belching in iambic pentameter. (lefty)
6. Tell them how you mastered Halo2 in only 93 hours of continual play. (rorschak)
5. Show the mom how great a cook she is and lick the plate clean. (juju)
4. Be the kind of guy their daughter would never, ever date. (JrsyRose)
3. Tell them stories about how your hundreds and hundreds of other girlfriend's parents loved you. (Brianlh25)
2. Hold it in. Everything. (LeeLee the Talking Turkey Vulture)
1. Don't be her boyfriend. That never goes over very well. (psychessuicide)

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