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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Perks of Working at a Theme Park

(submitted by Helix)

10. You get to tell people you work with the "Dragon of Doom" and the "Finger Splinter of Bubbling Death Buggy". (Bagels eh..)
9. You proved your parents wrong when they said you couldn't "clown your way through life". (Topher)
8. Finally satisfying your furry fetish. (The Mac Guy)
7. You can mess with that kid who made fun of you. "Oh my God! I can't get it to stop!" (Courk)
6. Three long hard summers of work has finally nailed you that promotion to "Junior Mega Mouse Boy". (Menasaur)
5. That subtle, but insistant feeling that it really IS a small world after all. (Menasaur)
4. It's the legal way to dress up in a funny suit and watch kids scream. (Walrus)
3. Inside a giant mouse costume, no one can see you're not wearing pants. (Archaeopteryx)
2. With your 10% discount, you only pay 9 dollars instead of 10 for your personal pizza lunch. (bron bron)
1. Bikini tops and wet t-shirts every day. (spoticus)

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