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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Fool the Customs Officials

(submitted by XskinnyX)

10. Wear a "Don't Mess With Texas" hat. You'll be let through without question. (allismarie)
9. "As you can see sir, I'm not WHAT THE HELL IS THAT OVER THERE!" (Splunge)
8. When asked, "Do you have anything to decalare?" Say, "No." (JLM2HideInPlainSight)
7. Yell "Look, it's Osama Bin Ladin" and then run. (No dear I didn't)
6. Change all the labels on your tequila bottles to read "Pre Filtered Urine". (Menasaur)
5. Smuggling wiener dogs is easy if you dress them up like pinatas. (Drewpy)
4. I can't possibly be carrying drugs. I'm allergic to them. See! here is my doctors note. (Menasaur)
3. It is possible to stash large quantities of illegal drugs in your bloodstream. (notMe)
2. "These aren't the explosives you're looking for." (Qui-Gon Splunge)
1. Reassure them hat you are, in fact, 'Just happy to see them'. (bananaslug)

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