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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs That You May Be Too Self Centered

(submitted by English Pete)

10. Your towels in the bathroom are monogrammed "his" and "also his." (silentbob)
9. You don't believe that the world revolves around me. (Katz)
8. You call your answering machine from work to tell yourself that you were thinking of yourself. (silentbob)
7. Even your therapist says you talk about yourself too much. (rein)
6. Each week you check whether your bowling score has been reported in the Washington Post. (English Pete)
5. You send e-mails to all of your friends saying, " I wish I were you, so I could be my friend too." (Jody Jenkins)
4. "Puhlease, that so not true! That reminds me of this one time..." (Brad Berlage)
3. You are still trying to get your webcam to display on the Times Square Marquee. (VISGOTH)
2. Universal truths require no signs. (Dinky)
1. You genuinely believe that you are the Pete from "For Pete's Sake." (English Pete)

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