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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Worst Rock Band Names

(submitted by Danno)

10. The Worst Band in the History of the Universe (Talking Head smells)
9. The Beatless (Thomas Palsson)
8. The Tiny Fragile Porcelain Hummingbirds (BrianLH25)
7. Out of Sync (psychessuicide)
6. The Asthmatic Weiner Dog Groomers (Bob Clemmons)
5. The Organ Grinders (Maniac Bob)
4. Rocky Rock and the Rockin Rockers (DA maNA)
3. Four Soloists and a Singer (Leather/Denim Combination Pants)
2. Th prbls (The Cruciverbalist)
1. Lowenstein, Bradley & Shaw Accounting and Rock n' Roll Firm (Thomas Palsson)

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