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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Fish Say to Each Other

(submitted by JDTAY)

10. "My, aren't we bubbly today?" (psychessuicide)
9. "I hope Pepperidge Farms takes a serious look at my resume." (Menasaur)
8. "Hey, look at me do my 'human-face!'" (fnemo)
7. "I hear getting your lip pierced is really painful, and sometimes you don't ever come back." (wheels)
6. "Swimmin' hard... or hardly swimmin'?" (DA maNA)
5. "Thank God it's not Friday!" (Lone Star)
4. "They go free the killer whale, but then they can't even clean my tank once a week!" (The Baker)
3. "You shoulda seen the one I got away from!" (Leather/Denim Combination Pants)
2. "Will you stop and ask for directions? I think we're swimming in circles." (AckThwap)
1. "You know... it's not the heat, it's the humidity." (Ilsoap, notMe)

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