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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for a Paper Clip

(submitted by Atch)

10. Step 1: Put paperclips on fingertips. Step 2: Tap fingers on table. Step 3: Annoy everyone with the tapping sound. (Asteria)
9. Straighten out about 40,000 clips, solder the ends together, completely cover with electrical tape, then wire your house. (notMe)
8. Propping open eyelids during 2 hour lecture on early Greek accounting practices (notMe)
7. Cleaning the cheese puff residue from under your finger nails (cherbear)
6. Mid-flight stranger conciousness consensus testers (Flick 'em at sleeping passegers) (Buttsey57)
5. Scraping the clear goo out of the corners of the empty Spam can. MMMMMMMMMMM! (wheels)
4. Plead insainity by shoving a bunch up your nose in court to "keep all your mental notes in order." (Buttsey57)
3. Making little stick men from to illustrate to your 5-year-old the ramifications of population expansion outside the bounds of economic stability (Leather/Denim Combination Pants)
2. Making paper clip holders look useful (Courk)
1. Apparently, to nag me into using worthless help files on my computer (RiverCityKid)

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